It’s simple: 3,300 passionate, committed employees worldwide who enjoy making you happy by providing the best products and the best advice. As one of the leading international specialists for printing inks and printing aids, we work daily to provide innovative solutions, technologies and services for packaging, newspaper and commercial printing – always with your needs in mind. Even as a global player for raw materials, our focus is always on providing chemical substances such as PU resins and UV oligomers in their purest form and driving forward product innovations.  

About hubergroup Benelux
Our location in Almere has been part of the hubergroup since 1998 and stems from the merger of Mago bv (1972 Hilversum), Huber Nederland (1973 Leerdam) and Hostmann Steinberg Belgium (1965 Gent). In the Benelux, we are your contact for all producers in the group, whose main factories hubergroup Germany and hubergroup Italy.
Our employees - from sales to finance and production - are ready for you!


Printing inks are our speciality. 
But it doesn't just stop there. 

With over 255 years of experience in the world of ink, hubergroup is one of the leading international ink specialists. However, what makes us special is that as a family business we focus on your unique requirements...


Facts & Figures

Do you also value transparency? 

Here at hubergroup, we naturally all love numbers. We are therefore proud to be able to give you an overview of our hubergroup facts and figures so that you know who you are dealing with...


Our Commitments

The same quality around the world. 
That is our promise to you. 

As an international company, which is represented on every continent, we see it as our job to speak the “same language” all over the world. We work with global process standards in order to ensure sustainable, economical and safe production...



We are almost everywhere.  
Where are you? 

In fact, it doesn't really matter where you are. We will be nearby. So, we can confidently say that we’ll be on site, right by your side. We don't just promise it. We prove it. Daily and worldwide...