Printing ink & overprint varnishes

Why not let others benefit from the competence that we as a printing ink manufacturer have acquired ourselves over the years. True to this motto, as a supplier of raw materials we make the complete range of products in this segment available to the printing ink industry. We offer the right solution for all applications and printing processes.

Our formulations comply with the latest development standards. We attach great importance to a process chain that is as sustainable and environmentally compatible as possible already during the production of raw materials and their further processing.

PU adhesives for packaging

Our laminating adhesives are ideally suited for use in both standardised and highly complex processes. We offer solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives. These are particularly suitable for the sensitive production of food, animal feed and pharmaceutical packaging.

The requirements for these products are manifold. With our high-performance products, we are nevertheless able to meet them and ensure a reliable result for our customers.


Manufacturing on demand

Any special requests? Please do not hesitate to contact us with your request. As a contract manufacturer, we are able to meet your needs quickly and easily thanks to our own research laboratories and our large production sites.

If you know exactly what you want and already have a formulation, we will be happy to assist you as a licensee. Because our motto is: together for success.


Here you can have a look on a few references which state the satisfaction with our products.