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Pinsker Druck und Medien GmbH 
Georg Friedrich, Technical Operations Manager

Training employees and auditing our standardisation in accordance with ISO certification 12647-2, through the hubergroup INK ACADEMY, is a key part of colour management, and, therefore, a guarantee for us that the media design processes have been mastered and the offset printing processes have been standardised. 

Training content was distributed before and during certification by the hubergroup INK ACADEMY, which is enormously important for our colour management processes  because it enables continuity of the processes in media design and offset printing, resulting in a clearly defined quality standards and reliable printing production. 

Pinsker Druck und Medien GmbH  
Florian Biber, Head of Pre-press

Your friendly, cheerful and competent manner turned a potentially tense day (Fogra certification) into a happy one.  The certification is practice-oriented, structured and "human".  With lots of tips and suggestions for improvement, you always learn something new and useful for day-to-day work.