Flexible packaging

The art of flexibility

A quick glance into a supermarket is enough to see that flexible packaging is on the rise – in a wide variety of forms, with a wide variety of demands on inks and varnishes. Whether you are a brand owner who wants sustainable, safe products standing out at the point of sale or a printer who wants to deliver high-quality print products – as experts for flexible packaging, we realise all your requirements for packaging design and production.

We offer environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art inks and varnishes from solvent to water and UV. All of these products are manufactured in specialized plants in Italy and India, with a majority of the raw materials coming from our own Chemicals Division. We can therefore guarantee the highest safety standards and a reliable supply chain even in difficult situations. And the best thing is: we don't leave you alone once we delivered our products but stand by your side to optimize the processes in your press room.