With our Chemicals Division, we underline our competence in the production of raw materials for printing inks and coatings. With our extensive product portfolio, we address customers all over the world.

In addition to the Print Solutions Division, the Chemicals Division is a separate business category within the hubergroup family. As a printing ink manufacturer with a history of more than 250 years, we know what is important in the production of printing inks. We not only want to incorporate this know-how into our own products but are also happy to pass it on. The foundation of a separate Chemicals Division was therefore the logical development of our decades of experience in the raw materials segment.

In India, we operate two production plants, which among other things concentrate on the manufacture of UV-curable oligomers, polyurethane resins, laminating adhesives (2K PU systems), modified rosin resins, PVB, ketone resins and polyamides as well as pigment concentrates, alkali blue and adhesion promoters.

There we carry out numerous reaction mechanisms in more than 100 reactors. For example, addition, condensation, and the azo coupling reaction in pigment synthesis are among our specialties. With a cumulative production capacity of almost 300 kilotons, we are one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers in the chemicals sector.

In order to always have our finger on the pulse of time, we have our own research centres and invest a lot of time and energy in the further development of product safety or the identification of environmentally friendly alternatives, and much more. With more than 20 new products per year, we also prove our high innovative strength.

We are distinguished by very experienced employees in their field and a pronounced service orientation. Therefore, we understand how to respond to your individual customer wishes and requirements in a targeted manner.

As a traditional family company it has always been important to build up a culture that inspires our employees to be curious, be courageous, be creative. Besides taking care only for ourselves, taking care also for others. Therefore, we joined global and local initiatives that promote and strengthen sustainable directions and act for the benefit of the society. To ensure the safety of our products, based on the relevant regulations, industrial and market requirements, we developed and implemented the hubergroup GMP framework. Besides this, we align with successful global standards to improve our own process. We check those by external third party auditors each year. Please find details about our memberships, certifications under our commitments.