Family business, world market leader, service champion. Important keywords, which we take great pride in being able to write about. But what makes us really proud, are our employees.

Is there one reason why you want to change employer? 
There are many reasons why you should come to us. 

Who we are and how you can benefit:  


There are lots of family businesses. But for us, family cohesion is at the heart of everything we do. Your interests and needs as a person are at the very top of our Value Pyramid. Respectful interaction with each other is, for us, not just rhetoric but sincerely meant and experienced. You will sense it wherever you go, every day and at any time.  


We don't think in hierarchies here. Every employee will be taken seriously. No matter in which capacity. We support and encourage our employees to share their ideas and contribute to the success of our company. So, we’ve left enough space for manoeuvre. Now we need you to fill this space with your ingenuity. 
We are innovation leaders and growth drivers in many sectors and we have our employees to thank for this. 

Company culture 

Here at hubergroup we embrace diversity: with 3,500 employees in nearly 30 countries. Each person is unique and makes our colourful world even more colourful. We appreciate the diverse cultural influences, which drive us forward as a group. We are always finding ways to share knowledge with our colleagues around the world. Even though our employees speak many different languages, in spirit, we all speak only one: the language of hubergroup. Do you speak our language?  


Growth is important - and not just for the company. We are talking about your personal development. In addition to on-the-job training, we also take the time to provide you with intensive onboarding. We understand the importance of giving you, as a new member of staff, the information and tools that you need to learn the ropes well and quickly. Training is, therefore, part of your induction phase. 

Work-life balance 

Yes, we are a commercial business. Yes, sales and profit are naturally important to us. But is that all that matters? Work until you drop? Not with us!  
Because we believe that there is also a life outside of work, there must be time for family and hobbies. The calculation is very simple: you can only achieve your full potential at work when you have a happy work-life balance.

Our strategy sets the course for the future. We plan for the long term. With you. Jump on board and embark on an exciting journey with us.