Metal decorating

Everything, not just metal

With our expertise in the printing ink industry, which can also be readily applied in metal printing processes, we can supply customers in 1-piece and 3-piece metal decorating. We are also continuing to work hard to expand our product portfolio so that we can offer you even more comprehensive solutions for your specific requirements in this field soon.  

Pre-treated aluminium sheets and tin plate sheets are best suited to metal printing because of their adhesive properties. The printing substrates are pre-treated with our special, low-migration UV sheet-fed offset inks to guarantee excellent adhesion. Our NewV tin inks are particularly well suited to this application.  

With our high-quality offset inks and food packaging, we fulfil all of the current national and international regulations and directives. 

With our TINKREDIBLE product series, we offer the latest generation of oven-curing metal decoration inks designed for a large range of applications.