Compliance - Code of Conduct

hubergroup is always a reliable, open and honest business partner and we stand by our social responsibilities.

Our mission is to supply customers with high-quality products and services and by doing so, to contribute to the improvement of their businesses.

Our values form the basis for fulfilling our mission.

The framework for all decisions and actions is based on current legislation, regulations and internal and external policies.

All hubergroup employees are obligated to make decisions only within this framework and to ensure that their actions and the effect of those actions are always in line with this. 

To ensure that this is the case and to provide the best possible support for our employees, hubergroup has implemented a global Compliance Management System (CMS). The starting point for the CMS is the hubergroup Code of Conduct, which sets out the ethical and legal framework for our actions and helps us to uphold our social responsibility towards our business partners, employees, shareholders and last but not least, the general public. The main requirements are:

Lawful conduct

No discrimination

Fair competition

No child labour

No corruption


If you have any questions regarding this, then our Compliance department will be pleased to assist you.
We ask you to report potential compliance violations, so that they can be investigated and the necessary action can be taken.

Contact our Compliance department at:

MHM Holding GmbH
Sonnenallee 1
D-85551 Kirchheim
Tel.:    +49 89 9003 202

Contact Data on Local Compliance Officer (LCO)