Our aim is to help you achieve the best results day in, day out. Our many years of experience and our understanding of individual customer requirements help us to increase your (colour) excellence. It’s important to us that we don't just provide you with ready-made solutions but that we develop them together. Mutual cooperation – in all matters. 

We would be pleased to advise you in any matters regarding: 

  • lean management 
  • cross-departmental process optimisation 
  • data preparation 
  • colour management 
  • CtP calibration 
  • proofing 
  • printing press adjustments 
  • standard-compliant printing 
  • colorimetric analyses 

Our technical processes such as set-up times, repeatability and colour accuracy as well as our economic processes (cost structure, process analysis) have many certifications. That is the result and reward for consistent and continuous process optimisation. 

Colour matching
Special colours - especially for you

  • We don’t just match colours precisely to your exact requirements, we also digitalise and proof them (coming soon)
  • Do you have special substrate or application requirements? No problem. We will find the best solution. 
  • Our specialists are always happy to help, whether you are a brand owner, printer or an agency. 
  • Our services: colour measurement technology, colour recipe technology, 
  • As a special service, we make our sophisticated recipes available in our individual service hubs. This gives you the advantage of being able to retrieve the information quickly in your own native language. And all this at the same high quality thanks to the standardisation of raw materials and working methods. 

Colour consulting
We have the know-how. And you’ve got us as your partner. 

We supply colour advice to our customers throughout Europe and we are always at hand with our extensive know-how to answer any questions. The consulting service includes uniform colour communication across all of the customer’s channels and quality assurance for a perfect colour result. 
We know that quality assurance begins right at the start of a process and doesn't just happen during the quality check at the end. Therefore, we support the entire process and ensure that batch-to-batch consistency is established. We do this in every country, with both spot and process colours.  

For customers who want to build their own mixing station, we have experienced colleagues who can advise you on the planning and implementation. 
We can assist you with any questions regarding: 

  • equipment
  • colour mixing wheel
  • costs/profitability calculation/purchase decision 
  • integration/installation