iray features everything you need for UV flexo printing from inks and varnishes to primers and adhesives – because it is inspired by your needs!



The iray products cover a wide range of applications and are characterised by high scratch resistance, good adhesion, low odour values, and high-yield inks. In addition, they are designed for fast printing and rapid finishing.

Thanks to intensive research and carefully selected raw materials, the iray series also includes inks and varnishes for food packaging. They meet hubergroup's high MGA (low migration and low odour) guidelines, which have stood for safe application on food packaging for many years.  

iray is applicable for narrow and mid web printing. The iray products are developed for energy curing systems such as standard mercury UV lamps and LED UV lamps.

Your Benefits

High-quality print results: the high colour strength, excellent scratch resistance, and fast printability make our iray inks and varnishes the ideal choice for printing intricate designs – ensuring that your printed products stand out at the point of sale!

Everything from one source: Our approach is application-oriented. You tell us what result you would like to achieve, and we select the right set of products for you. As a system provider, we have ensured that all iray products fit together perfectly so that we can guarantee you a smooth production workflow and excellent printing results. Since you get all products from one source, you also only have one technical contact person who will assist you with all your questions.

Sustainable products: The majority of our iray products is deinkable both on paper and film so that the printed products can be safely fed into the recycling process once the inks and varnishes were removed. We validated this internally with tests using the methods INGEDE 11, APR and EPBP 507. Additionally, the PMV department of the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) certified our products a very good deinkability on coated papers.

Experts that stand by your side: As we know that UV flexo printing requires a lot of expertise, our local experts support you on site with the implementation of our products but are also available at any later stage, when you have questions. Because it is our claim that you receive optimum printing results.

Special Properties

iray comprises a complete set of products for UV flexo printing from inks and varnishes to primers and adhesives. It covers a wide range of substrates for a wide variety of food and non-food applications