The HYDRO-X GA Water Barrier Coating is heat-sealable and can be printed on both coated and uncoated papers.

HYDRO-X GA Water Barrier


The water-based barrier coating for flexo and gravure printing protects against water and is particularly suitable for surface printing in the packaging industry - whether in the food or non-food sector. The barrier coating was developed especially for the packaging of moisture-sensitive food such as sugar, flour, or kibble. Applications from the non-food sector such as cement packaging and outer packaging for copying paper are also possible.

Your Benefits

With our Hydro-X GA Water Barrier Coating, the otherwise necessary lamination of a polyethylene (PE) film can be omitted for many applications. This allows you to design your packaging in a more environmentally friendly way because paper packaging with barrier coating can be put into the tried and tested cycle of waste paper recycling. This also eliminates one process step, so you can shorten your lead times and reduce production costs.

Special Properties

The coating provides a highly water-repellent surface and thus extends the shelf life of the product. In addition, the barrier coating is characterized by sealability against itself and against paper.