Are your UV inks properly cured? hubergroup provides a reliable, science-based answer

Kirchheim near Munich/Germany, April 30, 2019 – Determining the curing degree of UV inks poses a challenge to press operators around the world. To solve this problem, hubergroup, one of the leading international specialists for printing inks, has invented an innovative technique: “NewV cure”. From May 13 to 16, hubergroup will present this science-based, patented solution for determining the curing degree of UV inks as well as its EuPIA compliant UV ink portfolio in Nürtingen, Germany, at the IST UV Days 2019.

While UV inks are gaining popularity and offer a high-speed curing process, it has been difficult to quickly and definitively determine whether the print is properly cured. Due to the lack of reliable methods, most operators check curing quality subjectively using physical tests such as wiping, scratching, or a thumb, as well as chemical characterization. However, the curing degree affects hardness, robustness, migration behaviour, and the ability for further processing of an ink film – in effect, improper curing negatively affects the usability and quality of the printed product.

“Our new science-based approach provides an easy and objective evaluation of UV curing within a few minutes,” says Dr Carina Sötebier, Head of Central Analytical Lab at hubergroup. “To determine the curing level of UV inks, we use a test liquid and an electronic test device. By testing a predefined extract, NewV cure can identify the quality level of a printed product.”

“With NewV cure, we end all subjective methods of curing determination and create a new standard for quality management in UV curing,” adds Roland Schröder, Product Manager UV at hubergroup. “It will help to reduce waste and rejects due to incomplete curing and increases security in packaging production. As our previous tests were very successful, we are excited to present first results with NewV cure to IST UV Days attendees.”

Visit hubergroup at IST UV Days to see the first measuring results and learn more about NewV cure as well as hubergroup’s EuPIA compliant UV ink portfolio.

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About hubergroup:

With more than 250 years of experience, hubergroup is one of the leading international specialists for printing inks and print-related products for packaging as well as commercial printing. The successful, family-owned enterprise produces a majority of the key components such as pigments, binders, and additives in-house in India. This enables hubergroup to define its own quality and environmental standards. To provide best-in-class results for its customers, the enterprise works on innovative solutions, technologies, and services every day. Thereby, hubergroup became a trendsetter in the printing industry introducing environmental benchmarks such as low migration or cobalt-free inks. In 2018, the enterprise with 3,800 employees at 75 sites generated sales of around € 800 million.

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