Performance at the Highest Level: the new NewV set UEL 5000

hubergroup is launching the new NewV set UEL 5000, the evolution of its two Ink Series within the NewV set range for high-performance applications on coated and uncoated substrates. The improved product impresses with optimal reactivity and color/water stability, elevating the overall performance to a new level.

Delivering top-notch results of the highest quality - this is the promise fulfilled by hubergroup's new NewV set UEL 5000. The relaunch of the color series NewV set UEL 4000 and UEK 5000 is hubergroup's latest innovation and is now being introduced across all markets. Successfully tested in Europe and North America, it overcomes challenges where other products falter and delivers optimal results.

NewV set UEL 5000 is suitable for LED-UV and Iron-doped UV offset printing, distinguished by low build-up on impression cylinders after the turn, very high reactivity and fast curing, as well as the rapid establishment of a stable color-water balance. hubergroup's latest innovation also recommends itself for all types of printing presses with or without color mixers and is ideal for IPA-free printing. The NewV set UEL 5000 features low dot gain, good transfer, and high mechanical film resistance. The colors are compliant with ISO 2846-1 and ISO 12647-2. NewV set UEL 5000 is suitable for laser printing, hot foil stamping, and cold foil lamination (pretrial required) and optimized for NBR and EPDM rollers.

"At hubergroup, our goal is to constantly impress our customers with new innovations. That's why we continuously evolve our products. However, with NewV set UEL 5000, we deliver more than just a mere advancement. The new color series delivers results of the highest quality. It stands out for its reactivity, color and water stability, and performance at the highest level," says Patrick Hübel, Director of Global Product and Color Management, hubergroup.

The NewV set UEL 5000 benefits from the insights gained from the color series NewV set UEL 4000 and UEK 5000 and has undergone extensive testing before its market introduction. Initial successful printing trials were followed by fine-tuning and long-term testing. Excellent results were achieved on various machines, often in conjunction with the dampening agent additive Substifix AF 8319-19 from hubergroup. The new NewV set UEL 5000 mastered all challenges and performs even on machines where its predecessors encountered issues. Regardless of the type of printing press and after long-term tests over several weeks in Europe and North America, NewV set UEL 5000 demonstrates excellent results. Numerous customers in the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Germany have already been convinced of the advantages of the optimized color series and have switched to it.

NewV set is hubergroup's UV ink system for offset printing and can be used for various types of commercial printing on absorbent substrates. NewV set demonstrates its special strengths in high-speed UV sheet-fed offset printing machines. It is available for various curing technologies. Its special features include high color intensity, fast, immediate curing, high dampening tolerance, and rapid attainment of color/water stability. It can be used in UV sheet-fed offset printing. Suitable substrates include coated and uncoated papers and boards, as well as thermal papers (after preliminary testing).

More information about NewV set can be found here.

The product data sheet for NewV set UEL 5000 can be found here.

About hubergroup

hubergroup is an international printing inks and chemicals specialist based in Germany with a history stretching back more than 255 years. In its two divisions, the company develops innovative, sustainable products and services to enable its customers to achieve first-class results. The Print Solutions Division produces inks, varnishes and printing auxiliaries for packaging, commercial and newspaper printing. The Chemicals Division produces specialty chemicals such as resins, laminating adhesives, pigments and additives at its plants in India. hubergroup employs around 3,300 people in almost 30 countries and generated annual sales of around €812 million in 2022.

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