Fast, safe and clean to your objective

With the rule of thumb “fast, safe and clean”, our colleagues from Key Account Management were able to convince our customer Grafobal of our Eco-Perfect-Dry series as the optimal solution for their products. Grafobal is a Slovakian printing group and produces toy packaging for LEGO. The LEGO Group has thus also been won as another strong partner of the hubergroup.
Damir Hausic, Key Account Manager Folding Carton, together with his colleagues, launched the Eco-Perfect-Dry paint series for LEGO toy packaging in a very close and cooperative exchange. In order to obtain approval for this application, the paint had to go through an elaborate testing process, which has now turned out positive. We will also soon receive approval for the areas of playing cards and assembly instructions.
The mineral oil-free Eco-Perfect-Dry offers a whole range of advantages such as

  • Fast, oxidative through-drying, which means, among other things, very fast further processing under high mechanical stress
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Wide field of application

Thanks to these properties, the ink series is ideally suited to the complex requirement profile for printing toy packaging.
In order to continue on the path to a more sustainable production chain, we will also increasingly rely on our extensive C2C-certified product portfolio for these customers in the future.

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