hubergroup Chemicals celebrates its second birthday

In 2020, hubergroup decided to channel its chemical expertise and form a separate division: hubergroup Chemicals. This division focuses on developing, producing, and distributing speciality chemicals and raw materials for the global coatings industry. Although the launch happened in difficult economic times, our new division has managed to establish itself in the market and can boast some significant success stories on its second birthday.

Taner Bicer, President of hubergroup Chemicals, reports: “Within the last two years, we have gained many international and regional companies as customers. Despite logistical challenges around the world, we have succeeded in delivering tailored solutions to customers in a timely manner and have continuously developed our portfolio. For example, we now offer a wide range of products for use in radiation-curing systems. This excellent performance was only possible thanks to an exceptional and highly motivated team.”

With production capacities of more than 250 KT and more than 100 reactors, hubergroup Chemicals is one of the largest manufacturers in the specialty chemicals sector. The portfolio covers resins, pigments, pigment concentrates, lamination adhesives, and radiation curing UV oligomers. In addition, hubergroup Chemicals develops intermediate products for the chemical industry and is available for custom manufacturing projects.

And what does the future hold? Taner Bicer reveals: “We are currently placing a special focus on wood coatings, and I’m very excited that we will soon be officially launching this portfolio. We will continue to grow and strengthen our team, especially in our research and development capabilities.”

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