When should I apply?  
All of the vacancy notices currently in the Jobfinder on our website are still open for applications. You can apply easily and quickly via our online portal. Find the link in the relevant vacancy notice. 
How should I apply?  
Please use our online portal for your application. In every vacancy notice, you will find a link to further information on the advertised position. You can access the application form directly via this link.  
Can I apply in other ways too?  
Please only apply using our online form.  
If this is not possible, please contact our HR representative.  
What happens to my application when I submit it online?  
After you have completed the application form, uploaded and submitted all the required documentation, you will receive automatic confirmation of receipt via e-mail.  
We check through every incoming application carefully, so it may take us a little while. But we will get back to you as soon as possible by phone or e-mail to discuss what happens next.  
How does the application process work?  
If you impress us with your written application, then we will gladly invite you to attend a first meeting in person.  
During this conversation, it is important for us to get to know you better as a person and to identify your strengths and interests with regard to the suitable position.  
If both sides have a positive impression from the first meeting, then we would like you to join us for a second interview in person, this time getting to know the department and future colleagues. This meeting will be individually tailored to the respective position to give you the most comprehensive and authentic insight into your potential working environment.  
If we are all happy and you are interested in becoming part of the hubergroup family, then you will receive a written offer from us and we look forward to welcoming you to the team soon.  
How long does this type of application process take?  
Our aim is always to inform you about the next steps in a timely manner and to keep the entire application process as streamlined as possible.  
As a general rule, it usually takes approximately 4 weeks from the online application to signing the contract.  
Application tips 

How can I impress?  
We are happy to help you.  

1.  First, check that all your documents are up to date: 

  • Have you updated your CV? 
  • Is the application photo current? 
  • Do you have all the relevant employer references?  

2.  Letter of application: 

  • Adapt your cover letter to the respective company. In other words, do you know the name of the contact person in HR or in the department? Then address your application to them.  
  • State your reasons why you want to work for us and what your motivation is for your application.  
  • Tell us at this point why you think you’re suitable for the advertised position and what relevant skills you bring to the table.  
  • Try to add a personal touch to your cover letter.  

3.  CV:  

  • Put your CV in reverse chronological order – start with your most recent professional position.  
  • Your CV should be no longer than 2-3 pages.  
  • Try to briefly and concisely summarise the most important parts of your role.  

4.  Basics:  

  • Check your documents to ensure that the spelling and grammar is correct.  
  • Check that the formatting looks good.  
  • Convert your documents into common formats such as Word or PDF so that everything runs smoothly when you upload your application documents.